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DUTCH BEAT NUGGETS' - In the 1960s, the Netherlands had one of the most vibrant and creatively fertile music scenes on the planet. A beat music explosion triggered a full-blown youth revolution, transforming the country forever. A uniquely Dutch strain of rock and pop music -Nederbiet- was its soundtrack. Hundreds of Dutch beat, pop, blues, and psychedelic records were released between 1965 and 1969, and the overall quality was extremely high. Released in tandem with the 8CD box set of the same name, 'Diggin' In The Goldmine: Dutch Beat Nuggets' is a 2LP collection presenting 32 outstanding examples of the Dutch Beat sound, encompassing sweet, melodic beat and pop, raunchy garage and rhythm & blues, fuzz-powered mod and early psychedelic freakouts. All of these hard-to-find single releases are sourced from the original masters in their original mono mixes. This action-packed collection is packaged in a beautiful gatefold cover, the inside depicting all of the original picture sleeves. 'Dutch Beat Nuggets' presents thousands of euros worth of Dutch Beat splendour in one affordable double vinyl package. Clear red vinyl version.
1. THE BEATNIKS - Wouldn't You Like To Know 2:40 (Ede)
2. THE COMPETITORS - Long Tall Shorty 3:02 (Monster)
3. CUBY + BLIZZARDS - Stumble And Fall 1:56 (Assen)
4. THE COUNSELLORS - I'll Be Your Man 2:19 (Eindhoven)
5. NICKY AND THE SHOUTS - Don't Be A Fool 2:11 (Groningen)
7. JOHN HATTON AND THE DEVOTIONS - I'm Comin' Home 2:15 (Zaandam)
6. THE ROLLING BEATS - Sweeter Than You 3:38 (Maastricht)
8. THE CHEESE TOWN JEWELS - No One Else 2:32 (Gouda)
1. THE MODS - Brown Paper Sack 2:33 (Utrecht)
2. ST. JOHN AND THE CREW - I Am A Man 3:09 (Utrecht)
3. JENNY AND THE RASCALS - You Told Me A Lie 2:26 (Den Haag)
4. THE KWYET - No Time For Tears 2:54 (Delft)
5. THE ENTERTAINERS - Crazy Miss Daisy 2:46 (Heerlen)
6. DAT EN WAT - I Can Live Without You 2:14 (Badhoevedorp)
7. SOFTS - Kassie Kijken 2:08 (Amsterdam)
8. SOFTS - Paarse Broek 2:38 (Amsterdam)
1. NICKY AND THE SHOUTS - Tears Inside 2:24 (Groningen)
2. JOHNNY KENDALL AND THE HERALDS - Girl 2:03 (Amsterdam)
3. THE LORDS - In The City 2:26 (Amsterdam)
4. LINDA VAN DYCK WITH BOO & THE BOO BOO'S - Stengun 2:53 (Amsterdam)
5. THE SPARKLINGS - Now It's Your Turn To Cry 2:53 (Amsterdam)
6. FLASH CALL - Crying All Day 2:32 (Valkenburg)
7. THE TOREROS - Bald Headed Woman 2:05 (Hilversum)
8. GROUP $OALL - Will You Teach Me How To Love 3:38 (Hillegom)
1. THE NICOLS - Lord, I've Been Thinking 2:08 (Den Haag)
2. THE FALLOUTS - I'm Sick Of Living 2:19 (Valkenswaard)
3. THE FALLOUTS - I've Been Waiting 1:40 (Valkenswaard)
4. JENNY AND THE RASCALS - That's A Man's Way 2:26 (Den Haag)
5. THE RIATS - Run, Run, Run 3:08 (Den Haag)
6. BINTANGS - Please Do Listen 3:13 (Beverwijk)
7. ADJÉEF THE POET - Iekk! I'm A... Freak 2:49 (Amsterdam)
8. THE INN-SECT - Let Me Tell You About The Things I Need 2:38 (Maassluis)




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