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Les Robots "Don't Ask Me Love"Les Robots "Don't Ask Me Love"

Les Robots present first song from upcoming album

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Here you are Fleur's much anticipated first album represses of their two 45s, also  bombastic new 7" by The Premonitions and the surprising new album by Les Robots.

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The Dealers @ ¡Be! Club (San Sebastian, Spa) 25 Jul

¡Be Jazz! Gigs

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until 1 August

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The Dealers @ Korterraza, Vitoria 08 Jul

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Bickerton brand new website


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The Reverberations

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Dogtooth Blues Band

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The Jack Cades

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Enma Fernandez

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The Recalls

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The Safes

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The Kryng

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Los Imposibles

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The Premonitions

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The Tambles

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The Colour Collection

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The Dealers

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